Job interview follow up?

i had an interview yesterday for a server at a restaurant. The interview went very well. the interviewer (General Manager) seemed to take a liking in me. She complimented my personality like 12 times and said she really liked me. She told me about the next steps that would happen such as signing papers, knowing menu, uniform.. etc.
She told me that she will e-mail me tomorrow morning (today) letting me know.

I walked out very happy and confident that I got the job. Its 4:30pm now and still no e-mail.
Should I just wait it out until tomorrow?
I was thinking of sending her an e-mail thanking her etc etc. What should I write in that?


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  • This morning would be a good time to contact her. Let's say her name is Kathy.

    Kathy, thank you again for meeting me about the server position at [restaurant]. I wanted to reach out and ask whether a final decision had been made about whom to hire. I would very much look forward to working at [restaurant], and I'm grateful for your time and consideration.

    It's always disappointing when a potential supervisor doesn't keep their word, and it doesn't bode well, but maybe she'll have a good explanation. If she's really that absent-minded, then at least you're learning this now. Good luck and I hope it works out for you. :)


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