Any Swedish people who visited Cliff Burton's memorial stone?

Cliff Burton's (Metallica's talentful bassist who deceased in 1986) memorial stone is in Ljungby, Sweden. Is there a Swediah person who visited there? I want to visit this place so much though...


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  • Never been to Ljungby but I had a girlfriend who lived in SmÃ¥land and I've been there a whole lot. Cool place, totally worth a visit, most of it quite rural and undeveloped but probably the most beautiful part of Sweden. Sounds like it would be a hike to get to that stone; 10 miles outside Ljungby. You could make Copenhagen/Malmo your base of operations and drive around the area.

    I can't wholeheartedly recommend Sweden as a tourist destination but if you're motivated to do something specific like visit that memorial, then more power to you, man. Good luck. :)

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