Dont those gusy realise that if I was THAT desperate I would have messaged them?

I get super upset when guys message me or talk to me for the obvious reason, hooking up..

I dont understand why they chose me out of every girl there is out there, what is it with me thats screams "i have no standars, please fuck me"?

Dont those guys understand how degrading that is of me? And how self concious i become when they do that? Its not like im known for being easy either, or i shouldn't be since im virgin that has never had a boyfriend.

Those type of guys are half-fat guys that think that if you're nice to them you want their dick in their mouth.. How do i deal with that without going crazy? AND how i can stop looking like i have no standars or/and is easy? because i apparantly do so according to those guys.. Dont those gusy realise that if i was THAT desperate i would have messaged them?


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  • @sandysmile is right not all guys are like this
    and if you hate them just block them

    • i never said all guys are like this... im asking why the guys that message me, which are only a handful, do this..

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    • thats just weird... i doubt it.. sounds a bit paranoid

    • its just a thought

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  • Maybe they're just nice and want to talk... not all guys are like that

    • well when they message med at 3 PM and tells me to come over in an apartment they only have the one night im pretty sure they want to do more then talking

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    • its easy to say if you haven't been in my situation.. there is obviously something about the way i look or act that makes them go "she looks easy, she is deff up for a fuck at 3 pm".. i need to know how to fix it.. im attracting the wrong kind of guys

    • I doubt you need to change yourself

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  • Are you talking about tinder? Cause that's just about all most women will get on there... Perhaps try a real dating website.

    • am talkng about in real life or over facebook

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    • Also, you could change your relationship status to repel them or dress more conservatively in public. Other than that, it could be just that you're really hot lol.

    • Not really.. you might see one or two pics of me with a low cut top, but those are pic my friends posted.. not me... and it happens more in real life then anything else.. it has only happend 2-3 times over facebook.. one of the guys only wrote "wanna fuck".. and he was apparantly engaged or something... it makes me sick..

  • How exactly are they messaging you? Facebook, Tinder, this website etc etc?

    • over facebook and sometimes in real life too

    • So block them on Facebook, and in real life just tell them you aren't interested

    • it doesn't help.. why are they doing this ine the first place? how do i look less "easy"(i dont know if i even look easy)

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  • They might see u as an easy target for not having a boyfriend yet. I think u should just message them back and tell them to fuck off.