Samir Kuntar killed by Israeli airstrike in Syria. Thoughts?

Samir Kuntar, 53, formerly of the Palestinian Liberation Front, is most well-known for the 1979 Nahariya attack, in which he killed a four-year-old Israeli girl by smashing her head open on a beach with a rifle butt. He was captured and given a life sentence, then released in a 2008 prisoner exchange. At time of death, he was working with Hezbollah forces fighting on behalf of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.


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  • nah no sympathy for such a beast... wot he did to this israeli kid was savage as fuck... so no "R. I. P." for him... :(


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  • He seems to have been a bad egg alright - I looked at wiki even opponents of Israel seemed to think he was dodgy

  • Hezbollah = terrorists
    Israel killed terrorist, good for them.
    Assad should really find better allies.

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