Would you be afraid of people that smoke synthetic weed?

I am afraid of people who smoke synthec weed because it is nothing like drinking alcohol. Synthetic weed is a very deadly drug that is at least 100 or 150 times worse than alcohol. So smoking it means you have nothing to lose in life because it is trowing your life away. I am really afraid of this kind of people. What do you say?

I am talking about people that smoke synthetic weed. It is throwing your life away.


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  • If its that dangerous then they're either sad, depressed or just completely stupid... Don't br affraid

    The are damagaing themselfs which means they are easier to take down


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  • I think anyone that does drugs are on a dangerous path - If you had certain characters traits you would be on the hard stuff before you know it - I have a very addictive personality that is why I am so wary of drugs.