Serious stalker problem?

there is a guy in my school that i used to chat with on facebook, however after a long time of chatting , he kinda became weird , and creepy, so i told him that, but he only became even creepier so i ended up blocking him, so he cried several several endless fake accounts and texted me, i don't have patience for such behaviour so i blocked all the accounts, and he started sending his friends to text me and so, they all got blocked, and then finally he stopped talking to me, until 1 hour ago where he texted me from another fake account he said "hey, remeber me" "yes, that's me" so he directly came on my mind, and i said "i have someone in mind, who are you?", and he said "that's right that is me" so i knew it was him and i asked him to leave but he said that he was counting all the days he spent without me , he said we didn't talk in 96 days and that he is sad about it, but he can fix it , and he wants to "make things right" and he kept on telling me "i promise i will make it right" , i don't know this scaried me too so i blocked this one, but one thing i am sure about is he is coming back , and i am confused and scaried to death literally shaking, whatttttttttttt should i dooo?


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  • tell someone, like parents or a teacher. use his facebook to see who his parents are and tell them


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  • Tell your family and then think about telling police.

  • "96 days"? He remembers the amount of days to the number? Call the police, this guy is strange.


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