How do I talk to him?

I'm an aspiring actress. There is this hairstylist of this other actress I added on TV, I want to make contacts so how should I talk to him, like what should I talk to him about?

Please someone answer? I told him hey and he is like hi and then I didn't know what to say so I told him I am big fan of his work and he is like thank you and I send him a big smiley face. Then he didn't even say anything, what should I do?
Now I asked him whether he stays here or has he just shifted here for work?


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  • first of all hav u ever talked before wid this guy?

    • No I haven't.

    • ah just noticed yer update by the way...

      maybe u can ask him now if he knows anything about actin so maybe he could help u by some degree?

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