How many farts to a new pair of jeans feels like they are your own?

I am meaning until they loose the shop feel and they feel like your own. Now this is a fun question people so no mean answers. I am just having a joke. :)

  • It depends. The more smelly, loud and big they are the less farts you need to do.
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  • If they are small farts you need to do 3 times as many until the jeans become your own.
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  • If they are tiny farts you need to do 10 times as many until the jeans become your own.
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  • Other please explain.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • lol! for me it isn't farts that decide "now these jeans are mine"

    it's either i get some small stain on em, they smell like my perfume or deodorant, and they understand that they need to stretch to their limit in the thighs and butt area to fit me.


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  • If your farts don't rip your jeans, then you're really just not trying hard enough, are you?


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  • Wet farts...

  • My jeans only feel like they're mine once I sew my name onto the crotch