Could anyone translate this dream?

That's a stupid question I know but I feel like this dream was important somehow. I don't remember everything. So here I start : I was with a friend walking in a forest full of soil and mud and I had no shoes on while my friend did. We were walking and walking but then my friend decided to jump down the forest and reach the sea, the forest was very higher than the sea. But we jumped anyway. He went first. After that we kept swimming and we reached an island and it was already afternoon. We asked a woman how to get home and she said something like "Oo it's very far away the place that you're looking for you'll have to walk for two hours straight this road" and she showed us an acclivity. We started walking though. The only thing I remember after that is that we were in a car, my friend was sitting next to a driver that I don't remember and I was sitting in the seats behind. That person started saying that we were in a trial and If we didn't pass the trial we would never wake up and stay here forever and she/he was pretty sure about the survival of my friend but she/he was worried about me. I felt like crying and I thought "maybe I want to stay here after all' but then I started saying out loud "what am i saying? I want to wake up I want to wake up I want to wake up" while crying and that's when my dad woke me up.


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  • Usually when you have water in your dream like ocean swimming waves etc. It means you have an emotional struggle at that time. I always get dreams of waves when I am depressed. The more I am depressed the larger the waves. Sometimes up to tsunami level. Maybe there is something troubling you.

    • Ah I see. Thank you for answering c:

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