Was this sexist?

Just came across this US advert. What the actual fuck?

Can you imagine if the ad said "Sorry, it's a girl"?


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  • I got the impression it was her saying "sorry that I'm ignoring you/on the phone: it's a boy" but maybe not because the expression on the parents' faces... I'm confused.

    • Interesting read by the way (I googled the ad to see what others are saying) - www.salon.com/.../
      The joke was in poor taste perhaps. I don't have a solid opinion right now - I'm just passing this on as food for thought.

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    • I didn't have to read the article, because I've already watched a critical analysis about it by a YouTuber (Sargon of Akkad).

      Can you imagine what people (notably feminists) would say if it was "I'm sorry, it's a girl?"

      Western women are amongst the most PRIVILEGED people in the world.

    • You watched an analysis of the article? What? Why not just read the article?

      Yes, privileged compared to much of the rest of the world (thank God). The point was that there are still issues existing in this society (despite the insistence otherwise from some camps). Sarah Silverman isn't known for her tact performance-wise as far as I'm aware, by the way. So the joke may have fallen flat. But at least it inspired some thought.

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  • nah bro don't take ads seriously... personally i'm against sexism but i found this funny LOL

    chelsea's very hot for her age by the way <3


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  • welcome to america

  • nah relax bro its just an ads... you get me fam?

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