Any word processing expert here? How to change font and font size in a document without changing the layout and formatting?

There are Microsoft Word documents of several pages whose font and fonts size needs to be changed, but when that is changed, it loses all its layout and formatting etc.

How to do that without changing its layout and formatting?

Can you please recommend any good software for word processing and typesetting etc.

The document is going to be published in the form of book.

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Getting the software, even the expensive ones is not an issue, so please recommend names even if the software is very expensive.


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  • I did not fully understand your question but here is how i understood it.

    To change font and font size

    - just click CTRL+A (it will highlight full document) then choose the format you want from DESIGN tab, after choosing that come back to HOME tab then change font and font size

    Now to change format (i call it margins)

    - just go PAGE LAYOUT tab and click MARGINS (a drop down list will appear) you have there some predefined document formats, but if you want to add new format just click CUSTOM MARGIN at the bottom of the drop down and when the window pops up enter your settings at TOP, BOTTOM, RIGHT AND LEFT.

    • I will recommend Microsoft Office 2013 but here are other options WordPerfect, TextMaker, Corel Write etc

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    • Adjusting margins helped a lot!

    • Thanks for MHO Grumpy

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  • If you don't mind paying money, Scrivener is a good software for word processing. It comes complete with formats for things like fiction stories, poems, short stories, novels and coursework. On top of that, you can export the document from Scrivener into many forms such as p. d. f and word when you're done.

  • I'm not clear on what you mean, the formatting is the size and colour. What is happening that you don't want?

    • Lets suppose you have a CV, you increase its font size and now everything in it gets disorganised, things go here and there. That's what i talk about.

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  • I stopped paying for software long ago.
    I use Open Office Writer or Google docs or the free Word Starter
    Open office loads fastest. Google deconnects sometimes but has a good (if slow) filing and indexing system, Word Starter is very slow to load.

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