Hiring manager wants to talk on the phone to talk about my qualifications?

Good morning to all!
I am confused on if this is an interview (eventhough I'll treat it as such) or is this just to basically set me up for an interview? He never said on the phone interview it was to just talk about my qualifications for the job what does this mean? Thanks!


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  • Sounds like he just wants to look further into your qualifications. Maybe he sees something in your job history and wants to see if it closely relates to the position he has in mind. Whatever it is, it sounds like a good thing.


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  • Don't try to give it a name. It's part of the hiring process and that's what matters. Whatever you call it, it's just as important as a formal interview.

    Different hiring managers do things differently. I've been hired over the phone before after a five minute conversation. I've also not been hired until after talking to a dozen people in person. It's all part of the hiring process and you should be on your best behavior throughout.

  • Might be a interview it might not but I really doubt it was a bad thing

    • yea I don't see it as a bad thing either.. but would you treat speaking with a hiring manager for qualifications as an interview.. I don't want to spoil my real interview speach with him if its not you know?

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    • I think he just wanted to know so he could check them before the real interview

    • ooh okay thanks!

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