Ughh!! I feel so stupid? Job salary in application?

So I put the amount that I desired for a job, and now I don't know if I put both of my min or max amount on there for desired hourly salary. After doing RESEARCH I realized the hourly salary is $2 more than what I put for the desired position thats available. How woud I get the hiring manager to agree with the researched job position hourly salary as to the opposed $2 lesser amount. I don't want to feel cheated because this is the reason im switching jobs! Please HELP!


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  • For the future you always want to ask slightly more than what you actually want.

    Say you want $13/hr, you need to ask for $14, because during negotiations it could be knocked down to $13. In the end you got what you wanted, and the hiring manager thinks they won as well.

    However, you don't want to ask for too much more or you might not get a call back.

    • I did do that, but after the fact it was even still slightly more... so what do you think i can do about it at the position im in now. should i state i made a mistake on that part?

    • "should i state i made a mistake on that part?"

      Unfortunately no, let me explain. Say you told the hiring manager you made a mistake and you actually meant to type in $15, but typed in $13. He/she is going to think, "she didn't even fill out a job application correctly how many mistakes are they going to make if I hire her?" This is even more true if your job requires attention to detail.

    • :( thanks...

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  • Do you have a job offer at the lower rate?

    • I think so :( but its supposed to be a couple dollars more..

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    • ok thanks..

    • If you're respectful, and you strike me as that way, then it can't hurt to negotiate. How badly do you need this job. Any special skills involved?

  • Just ask and if he doest and you want to work there still work really hard for a month then ask for a raise what you should have done is did you looking first then put it $2 above the average so if you get it you get it and if not you got a better nogation stance or you just take that $2 of so the boss thinkshe he owes you

    • okay Thank you! yea I don't know what my issuse was because i generally research first lesson learned

  • There should not be any mention of salary until both you and the employer are happy to start creating a contract. I don't think you need to panic because you'll probably not get hired anyway.

    • its on there legit website for application. desired salary... you must not have a real job. and thats really messed up to wish that on someone! you sir are clearly broke lol

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    • but if BOTH @onionsNstuff READ i did put a salary down...

    • yes, you are the one that isn't reading correctly, not him lol

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