When someone should start his/her music career in your opinion?

How old do u believe he/she should be better? Do u believe itโ€™s better if he/she starts at 15 for xample or at 25?


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  • I think it's better if he or she started at 19, as 15 is way too young and your voice hasn't fully developed yet.


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  • I think in his/her 20's the vocals will turn out to be better... Hmm I think ! ๐Ÿ˜


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  • At 15 (or for this case, younger than 25) it is a good idea to get band experience by making a garage band. It doesn't have to be good-- it can be just 4 chord old school UK punk, but the experience of being in a band is helpful at all times. At 15 it may be difficult to find bars or locations that will hire you to play, but at least you can develop the basics with your friends. Stage presence, experience on the instrument, working together as a group. The only time you'll really become famous at 15 is if you are going for some crappy pop boy band (*cough cough* Bieber) or you become a Disney star (*cough cough* Miley / Hannah Montanna)

    Usually at 25, you are going to want your career to start getting bigger. Most famous bands (at least in rock) tend to be in their 20s when they are reaching their peak. Once you get a good fan base though, you can keep going on for years and years (basically like Paul McCartney lol). You get your fan base through small things like playing at bars, and then stages, and then people will ask you to play for them and pay you good money if you get enough fans.

    So basically, 15 is good for building your basics and starting to in bands.
    25 is when you should be thinking about developing your fanbase and getting more serious.

    That being said, you can start at 25 and still be famous. So if you are wanting to be in a band, I say go for it :D

    Ehh, I'll get there when I can.

    • i don't even know to play an instrument properly bro... used to practice bass guitar but i gave it up. :|

    • Aww that's too bad. We need more bass guitarists in the world. No one ever wants to play bass in a band because no one ever respects the bass player. xD

    • yeah noticed dat... it's less common to find a bass guitarist than a guitarist, drummer or even keyboardist

  • Whenever they can. I don't thing age should matter when one tries to inspire people with song and sound. If you can make a heartwarming song at 17 or 27 then make it. People will appreciate it none the less.

  • I would tend to favour the younger age - If someone comes through in their teens you know it is pure natural talent - If someone suddenly appeared at 25 I would think if you were that good how come you weren't discovered earlier.

    • or they just didn't believe themselves?

    • Are you a secret X factor fan?

    • nope

      but i know many artists who started their career in their 20s and ended-up being successful