Full Sail Vs The Art Institues?

Every Youtube Review Is Bad! Everyone Says Full Sail Is A Scam Above A Debt Sink Hole. So Then I Turned To AI - To My Surprise The Reviews Are The Same!! Now I'm At A Fork In A Road - In Fact Multiple Forks.

Are Those Two Art Schools A Scam Or Are People Just Crazy?

If They Are In Fact A Scam - Suggest A School Please - I Want To Be Creative Writer For Entertainment. You Could Say I Want To Be The Next Matt Nix (creator of USA's Burn Notice & Complications). Or Mara Brock Akil (creator of The Game On Bet). And Stephen King (a wealthy author of fiction).


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  • Ai graduate here. DO NOT GO TO ANY AI SCHOOL!! There is a huge lawsuit out on them right now for millions into the billions. Schools have closed down. You will waste money, time. You will not be educated or know what is needed for the workforce DO NOT GO!!


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