How to make friends at university?

i really dont have much friends in my life thats why i just want to know


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  • Yes, I recommend! I am gonna go for that one too!

    • Wrong question.

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    • Say hi the next time you see them.

    • ohh okay i will thanks a lot :)

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  • Just be social and nice.

    University is the time to get out of that box and explore a new environment with new people. Joining clubs or fraternities (with like-minded people) are good ways to gain a social circle. Participating in community activities that other students are apart of can also expose you to possible friends. Hell, simply getting to know other students in your classes can also help as well.

    If you want to make friends in such a big place like Universities then you MUST learn to get out of your shell and socialize. Not socializing is a sure fire way to get overlooked in such a huge environment.

    • ohh thanks a lots for the information i will surely participate in community activities

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  • Join some clubs maybe common interests will help you talk to others