80s music poll: Favorite album by Magnum/John Parr?

Magnum was a glam rock/prog-rock band.. eh most of their albums in their 80s were “meh”…. not my style. But I’d pick “Vigilante”…. a little better than da rest.

John Parr was mostly famous for his AOR mega-hit “St. Elmo’s Fire”…. apart from this his solo debut’s an AOR classic album :)

  • Chase the Dragon (Magnum)
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  • The Eleventh Hour (Magnum)
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  • On a Storyteller's Night (Magnum)
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  • Vigilante (Magnum)
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  • Wings Of Heaven (Magnum)
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  • John Parr (John Parr)
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  • Running the Endless Mile (John Parr)
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  • They are very similar remembered St. Elmos Fire - Okay didn't know Magnum but listened to a couple of tracks on youtube, neither would be my cup of tea but I picked Magnum because I felt they were slighly less commercial.


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