Who would feel the lost more USA or Brazil?

i mean when the U. S women's team lost against Japan 4 years ago, they said they were down and really looked forward to get it back, they got their revenge at the 2012 olympics, beating the same Japanese team and now they won this year's Women's World Cup by also beating Japan, and many people went to their ceebrations etc many girls and guys painted their faces etc so i saw some type of passion they had.
But with Brazil's men team when they lost in 1950 they saw it as a National disaster and had to wait 8 years before they won it but had to wait till 2014 before hosting it again and to relive the dream, now when they lost to Germany they saw it as a failure of it's people ! in Brazil there is no Basketball or Superbowl or anything of the sort to support their home state or anyhing, no Nascar no Hockey or Baseball this is their event the one thing that brings the country together and to be defeated like that 7-1 on their home soil i don' think the USA's womens team lost could cpmpare to what Brazil went through ande is going through


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  • Dang. I'd feel more comfortable comparing Japan or the Ivory Coast's lose since they lost by wider margins. When the US lost they only lost by like a point.

    • yea but the entire country wasn't into it like Brazil and u don't have to wait 4 years for some other big sport

    • The Ivory Coast has been ravaged by Ebola and they don't understand losing to Germany on the national stage?

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