What is the term/word for being a single virgin through choice is it celibate?

im one of thoes people who wants to stay single virgin through choice, no religion or out like that

for life !!! this isn't a fad or a trend


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  • Yes, that's being celibate. You could potentially be in a relationship and remain celibate, but choosing to remain a virgin is celibacy.


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  • Yeah I think that is the word or maybe being asexual possibly

    • thought asexual was you was born that way and not attracted to anyone? im still attracted to people i just dont wanna be with anyone, want to be different from the crowd

    • You still sound asexual in a way but you say you're attracted to people so I guess just celibate but wouldn't you automatically be celibate if you're not with anyone anyway to have sex with?

    • i guess your right so im celibate , thank you :)

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