Roasting Ideas?

GAG Fam, give me your best roasting ideas. like to diss/insult someone. I need help, I suck at it big time.
I want you to have no chill what so ever fam.

no played out shit please


Most Helpful Guy

  • Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm gonna fuck you in the ass with a rake.
    Nah, too violent.

    Your mom is so fat she should probably worry about cardiovascular disease!
    Nah, too many syllables.

    I got nothin. Also, you're 97. Congrats for almost 100. I'm so sure.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yo daddy looks like a testical and your his shitty sperm.

    Yo mama take years to turn around.

    Yo bitch you a tranny cuz you looking like a smelly fanny.

    Dat hurr line look like my booty crack when im taking a shit.-spread

    Yo bon qui qui shut da yo stanky ass mouth before i sharkiesha you!

    It's not Halloweeen - take your mask off.

    Im not saying ur fat it just looks like you used the satellite to take selfies.

    When do you take showers-oh god you look like shit- ugh whats that smell


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