Intro to 19th Century British Literature or Intro to Medieval Literature?

I don't really know which English course to choose. :/ Any advice would be nice!

Medieval Literature course could include: Chaucer’s Dream Visions and parts of The Canterbury Tales, Arthurian Romances, Breton Lays, The Book Of Margery Kempe, Beowulf, and Robin Hood Tales.

British Literature course could include: Latest edition of the Longman Anthology of British Literature, or the Norton Anthology of English Literature, or the Broadview Anthology of British Literature, and A Christmas Carol.


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  • I am an English major and writer. Personally, I prefer 19th century because this was the age the novel began to mature. Some of the best works in our language were written at this time, A Tale of Two Cities, Moby Dick, Little Women, etc. These are all from the modern era.
    Medival Literature, on the other hand, is a subset of the Middle Ages. It was very basic by comparison and not as accessible (understandable) because it was written in older English. Sample some sagas focused around the famed Arthur’s round table and you will get the idea.

    Just one man's opinion.

    • I would be learning how to read and pronounce Middle English, and do Anglo Saxton texts in translation if I were to take the Medieval Literature course. It sounds a bit difficult, but I'm not sure. The British Literature course sounds more precise, and concrete perhaps?

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  • Medieval literature is harder to interpret

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