Why is High School so dramatic?

I mean seriously my friends always have fights and then the next day it's like nothing happened!!! And how girls flirt with you even though they have boyfriends!!! I feel like I'm in a TV show with all this stuff


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  • Because teenagers are stupid, irrational, and overly emotional. Ignore them and get the fuck out of high school

    • That's gonna be a while unfortunately because I just turned a sophomore

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    • Aren't you in High School? I really hope they don't act like this, this year. 3 years of this is just gonna be crazy. I hope your school isn't like this lol

    • Lol fortunetly I was taken out of school, been homeschooled for a few years now. It amazes me how public school teenagers can be so ignorant and arrogant.
      Don't worry, you'll get through it. Just focus on what you want out of life.

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  • cuz they're immature dip shits. It's called being a teenager.

    • I'm not that way, I'm immature on some occasions but not like this

    • Not EVERY teenager is immature, but on average, most are.

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  • its because they watch too much tv haha

  • High school has its ups and downs but it's those bad times that really help u appreciate the good things that happen ;)


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