Liberals, would you rather watch CNN or Fox News?

Fox News is the highest-rated cable news network, but which would you rather watch?

  • CNN.
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  • Fox News.
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  • I like both.
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  • Neither.
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  • If you're gonna use a channel as politically polarizing as Fox News , the other end of the spectrum is MSNBC.
    CNN believe it or not is actually politically moderate like the BBC.

    Which I suppose kinda says about how far right you're lol

    Also no I watch neither.

    • I pointed out that Fox technically has more ratings. Didn't actually say which I'd rather watch.

    • Nah it's just that the examples you used kinda says something that's all.
      One is a far right news outlet. The other is a moderate one which is used to juxtapose the far right one... so just an assumption I've made. I could be wrong.

  • I would rather watch my mother being murdered. TV, in general, is for brainless people.

  • CNN is a circus. Fox is an amusement park.

    neither is news.

  • Eww liberals

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