What's your funny/bad/scary/etc experience?

What's your funny/bad/scary/etc experience?

So today I went into the city for late night shopping and I caught the train in to save petrol, traffic and parking issues. Problem is, I've NEVER been good at catching (the correct) public transport.
so I get on this train to head home, not entirely sure it's the correct one, and end up nowhere near where I'm meant to be! It's dark and I look like a lost puppy and am still yet to find out how to make my way home. It's usually an hour train ride home, but I've been completely lost for like an hour and a half SO FAR! Haha. You have to laugh so you don't cry.

What funny/bad/scary/etc experiences have you got to share to make me feel better 😂😅 Doesn't have to be about public transport.


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  • When I was a child, my family camped in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. At that time, the Papago Indians (now known as Tohono O'odam people) were allowed to have their cattle graze freely. My mother took me into the bathroom that morning to wash up, and I managed to escape (I hated washing my face then) and run off. I was four years old at the time. I began to savor exploring the desert and I was looking at the beautiful saguaro cactuses when I heard a munching sound behind me. I turned and saw a huge (to me it was HUGE!!! keep in mind I was only four years old) Texas longhorn cattle lying in the shade of a tree, contentedly chewing some vegetation. Longhorn cattle look like the devil! I was terrified!!! I SCREAMED!!! and went running back to camp. My mother heard me screaming and she just about died! She was looking for me. My father found me (I was hard to miss with all my screaming). I was so scared, I couldn't say it right when he asked me what was wrong. I said, "The long Texas horn is gonna get me!"

    It was only as we were leaving that I spied the animal again and screamed (in the car, no less), "THERE IT IS!!! THERE'S THE LONG TEXAS HORN!!!" Then my family understood I meant Texas longhorn. My family delighted in telling that story for years to come! I used to get so humiliated when they told it.

    I have since learned that Texas longhorns are one of the most gentle cattle there is. They're so gentle, that most ranchers don't even bother to neuter the bulls. But as a four year old, this is all I knew about bulls...


    And this is what longhorns look like:

    You can see why a four year old boy would be terrified out of his skin!


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  • You're not still out are you? The worst that's happened to me is I got lost from my family at an amusement park once when I was five years old. Ended up at the parking lot. ..

    • Oh gee that would be terrifying 😦 And I finally got on the right train so I'm on my way home now. Just took me a lot longer to get there 😂

  • Did you make it home safe


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