Do you think fanboy/girls and elitism greatly harms the fun of console and PC gaming?

As a very hardcore gamer of both consoles and PCs, I'm very sick and tired of hearing trolls on the internet screaming "PS4 owns Xbox One" or "Xbox One owns PS4" or "All hail the PC master race" bullshit. They all have their pros and cons so there's no need to fight like a bunch of children over it.

I missed the day where video gaming was all about having fun, not expressing superiority complex/elitism, trolling and making fun of others who prefer different video game platforms. Back in the days of the SNES and Sega Genesis an N64 and PS1, it was just only between the video game companies (Nintendo, Sony and Sega) making the consoles (for the war), not their customers (video gamers) themselves. The "PC Master Race" trolling debate never existed either back in those days.

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  • no? ps4 owns xbox... no need to argue.. we all know that.. ps4 ftw... you get me fam?

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