Im losing my friends?

i have friends that do stuff and they dont invite me anymore they had few house partys and stuff like that but im never invited i heard of a party the guy that had it said they were joking i wouldn't consider them friends i feel like the loser in movies girls who know me have respect for me i try talking they just ignore me some luagh at me i know this all over the place the question like im just wondering what could i be doing wrong or is cause im ugly but i workout a lot i went on omegle met few girls who said my body his sexy as fuck they were legit im sorry its all over the place


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  • They're not your real friends.. f**k them.
    Don't take shit from anyone.
    When I was in middle school some kids used to mess with me all the time, I beat the crap out of one of them and they never did it again
    Since your athletic hang out with people with similar interests, play sports etc
    You got to take initiative.

    • they are my sporty "friends"

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    • ya but i am talking to other guys who are older that are in college

    • Thanks for MHO and good luck

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  • Calm down.
    Get new friends.

    • making new friends is hard but i met a guy in the gym whos in his late 20s we have good chats in the last month i might have depression iv been sad for the last few months

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  • Are you in highschool or something? Who gives a shit! Always gonna be opportunities to make better friends and meet better people

    • ya but where il guess il just have to wait 2 months till i go out and make some great friends i be 18 in 2 months

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