HELP! someone undeserving gets a promotion to a title I deserved at my job?

because the boss does favoritism, they are promoting someone undeserving to a title i deserve i worked my ass for... what do i do?


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  • OK Well... welcome to like every job.

    First off, we would need to assess whether or not you really "deserved" the promotion because honestly, people who "work their ass off" earn the promotion, nobody "deserves" a promotion.

    Now I could honestly ask why you should be promoted instead of the other person, but it'd likely subject me to an insanely enraged rant that I'd rather not read.

    So I'll say this. You got a few options. Talk to the boss about getting promoted, but without displaying jealousy toward the person who did get promoted because you'll just get grouped in with the million others who may be ticked off at this person if they want a promotion too because honestly, everyone thinks they "deserve" a promotion.

    Now if this is a clear case of favoritism, good luck proving it. You can call an HR dept and rant but it'll likely not do much even if you call along with many other people. You'd need very clear cut cases of favoritism with witnesses and it really hard to prove. At least in this case you do have a job. So you can consider finding a better job right now since you have one. Having a job already means going on the interview will put you in the driver's seat when they interview you because you'll know your worth and can decide if they're worth it compared to them deciding that about you.

    • so no one ever won a case like this? no one wins with hr?

    • Hone SD tly from what I have seen no. You go to he with things like that when your feel you can't speak directly with the boss. But then you're basically a thorn in their side and if they find out you made that call they may retaliate even though companies claim that no retaliation I'd allowed.

    • Typing this on a phone... not good.

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  • Call human resources. Record everything. Start building a file.

    • thanks girl yea i did. hope it helps. im so frustrated. i can't believe this world. i even have some proof like awards i received.

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  • is it a private company or? I would address the problem to someone who can deal with that...

  • Shoulda banged the boss like she did lol jk


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