Who is your favourite Breaking Bad character (part 2)?

Well, welcome to part 2 of my poll. I know that there aren't enough options even in two polls for all of the main characters of Breaking Bad, so feel free to go for Other and state the obvious ones :)

  • Mike
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  • Hank
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  • Huel
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  • Steve Gomez
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  • Gale :)
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  • I voted in the first poll
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  • Other (say who please :) )
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  • I love Saul. I mean, Jesse, Walter and Mike are all awesome too and Jane is fucking hot but Saul is simply the coolest character in my opinion. He's the type of person I wish I had as an uncle or something like that ;-).
    Skyler seems nice and pretty hot (Milf type of hot) in the beginning but towards the 3rd and 4th season she gets more and more annoying.

  • Steve hahaha

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