My girlfriend is convinced she is being stalked but I don't think so, Has anyone here been stalked and what did you do?

So i posted something like this a couple of days ago. So i went to where my girlfriend works and walked back to the car with her and she descided what the guy looked like but i did not see him. My girlfriend is acting very weird like very shocked and she is scared. I had to pick her up from work the past 3 times. But i did not see the person she was talking about. She works at a resort/hotel.

I tell her mabe it's like a tourist or something like that. I don't know she is still scared. I was wondering what can i do to calm her down and if this happen to anyone what did they do?

Any help?


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  • Get her some pepper spray, or if you live in a red state get her a gun

    • She bought pepper spray but is still on edge. i will continue to pick her up and see