Anyone else not feel bad for dead babies/young kids (under 12 yo) ?

I don't know if im a psycho or what

but whenever i hear about it, i feel bad for the family members but not the kid him/her self
something inside me immediately goes "good for them, they dont have to live on this earth and go through this hard life... they left, young, pure and innocent... they have seen no evil"

i think i might be a psycho lol but I don't know i feel like i dont feel these things anymore... maybe i never felt them in the first place
like i always feel like they have been put to sleep and they never have to live another day or go through any hardness or tragedies or pain of life... like they are at peace now

i feel the same sometimes for adults but the ones who are/were REALLY suffering


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  • The way I see abortion and or even I it's not abortion or whatever is, I would rather not be a broken condom baby a failed bc baby or an unplanned baby (yes people have unprotected sex but still don't want babies) they think it's "cool" to have unprotected sex and ten they go and get Preto (not wanting to ) and it's like wow, you knew what you were going into when you had unprotected sex, and if you didn't then someone didn't pay attention in health class

    • yea i guess it applies to abortion

      but honestly the stupid parents are the ones who should die , because they would just make more and more babies
      sometimes i think if abortion wasn't around and they actually had to pay for their recklesness and handle it and face responsiblity maybe people would learn
      I don't know

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    • oh i see... it is indeed complicated
      im very traditional when it comes to my thoughts i dont believe in sex outside of marriage and a lot of the crap ging on these days is BECAUSE OF people having sex outside of marriage
      this is just one of them

      like in a marriage, wether it was planned or not you can still kinda manage, but telling your kid you were a ***** and they are not supposed to come (AKA they are a burden that killed the good times they were having) ... well thats just...

    • Doesn't even have to be marriage, I'm talking anyone! Anyone who has sex

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  • Babies die everyday. ,, Test tube babies are used for experiments ,,, some of them get shot ,,,, and some of them get kidnapped. It became something popular so now everybody got used to it. That is why u do not feel bad when u hear about a babies' death. Ofc , if he was close to u , things wouldn't be the same. Or if u heard about the way they get killed , then u might feel bad.

    • makes a lot of sense actually

  • I don't care because it happens all the time.


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