Minimum wage to $15/hr... ridiculous?

it is absolutely ridiculous that those people get a 100% raise just because they don't have a skill set to pay their bills!

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  • I think that raising it to 15 dollars an hour isn't good, but I do think it needs to be raised from the bare minimum. Either way, someone might not be in a minimum wage job because they have no skills, it's just really difficult to find a job right now.


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  • I disagree with this. I think minimum wage should be high enough that people can actually afford to live. Just because you don't go to college doesn't make you worse off or mean you don't have skills that are desired. I know a lot of people who go to college that don't make as much as people without college degrees or make the same amount of money. What people need to look into is if the school is a degree mill and check for proper accreditation which most schools like Kaplan or Keiser doesn't have.


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  • Prices will just keep going up. An endless cycle.

    • No its not cause giving the less educated a 100% teaches them that they don't need to get any better!

      While educated people get a 3-3.5% raise!

    • It is. Companies wil raise prices to pay the minimum wage (or cut down on quality, or a lot of people will be out of a job). People having more money to spend is another incentive to raise prices. The new minimum wage isn't going to last forever. Just like every one before it, it'll become inadequate and people will complain to raise it again