In a school project, boys as girls?

we have a school group project in which we need to dance.
i'm the leader of the group but there's a problem.
there are only 7 girls (me and six girls) and 4 boys.
the music we're gonna use is snow halation from love live but we are missing 2 more girls
well the other one is fine because i have this girly-boy kind of classmate and he agrees to dance
but we're missing one more.
who do you guys think will go for the role or will agree to dance to the song?

  • #1:my crush, into anime, my best friend, childhood friend, calm most of the time.
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  • #2:my seat mate, tough, nice, caring, goes against the bullies.
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  • #3:my close friend, mischievous, funny, a LITTLE noisy, center of attention in class.
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  • This makes absolutely no sense.

  • I guess your best friend since he will most likely be the less pissed at you.


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