Ever have difficulty looking at an attractive cousin?

I have two immediate girl cousins as in, my dad and moms sisters kids. When I was younger, I of course only thought of her as a cousin but now that I'm older, I see her as a grown woman, no matter if she's a cousin or not. I realize that would be incest but I can't help see her as an attractive woman, ya know? I NEVER see her in person anymore for a couple reason 1 being that she lives in Texas 2. She rarely makes trips (she will be next month) and 3. She's maried. So she deals with the married life and rumor has it, she wants kids.

We text, just like any family member would but again, she's still an attractive woman, regardless of if she's an immediate cousin or not.

So, do you ever have difficulty looking at an attractive cousin, knowing you really probably can't do anything about it (incest, marriage, distance)

I have complimented her but I'm unsure how she took it. I think she just thought it was a family member being supportive butttt I don't know


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  • I did... my two cousins (around my age) who I never really see are really attractive. Every one in the family always tells them that when they visit which is rare. Whenever I would see them from the time I was in elementary to high school (I'm still in high school), I always had a teeny crush on them. It was as if I had a little girl crush on them.. it was embarrassing because I made it obvious even though I tried not to. They picked up on it and they would sort of flirt (keep in mind, I never flirted with them) with me but separately or when we were alone. I never acted on it thank goodness. I would have regreted it with all my life but I'm glad I dont see them anymore. It has given me time to think about how foolish I've been acting. Bottom line... they are your blood, your family. It's not okay to act on it. There's other people out there

    • Exactly. I know it'd be wrong of course, it's just tough to look at her now. It's so weird because I had never seen her as an attractive woman until she well, grew up and got married

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    • Unfortunately, it is. I honestly don't mind it but my family does. My neighbor's cousins are dating and have a child together. My family always talks bad about them which is bad in their part. Mainly, the reason why I wouldn't do it is because my family. They are so closed minded.

    • Ah, I see

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  • lol! i have a distant cousin who had a crush on me in highschool!
    she was my moms cousins daughter or something lol!

    nah she never acted on it
    i didn't either yuck!

    i dont think its completely weird, to be like "Shes hot!" but it would be weird to fantasize about her and stuff

    • Why is fantasizing about it bad? You're not doing anything to her in real life

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    • He had a vision and put it in to action. On the other hand, the U. S. government had a vision for gay marriage, and hey, look what happened :)

    • Thats a whole other can of worms, but yes, thoughts are contagious when spoken, and when spoken enough, thoughts become "truth" or true to the people who think them and thats what causes such atrocities

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  • a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman. there is a difference between acknowledging that, and acting on it.
    I have several female cousins. A few are quite stunning. There is no denying that. But they are also family. The fact that they are family trumps anything else, any other thought.
    But, on a few occasions, I did have to stop myself and say "wow."

  • Once I saw this cute girl when I was visiting family. I don't know most of my extended family so it was a bit of a shock when I learned she was my aunt's daughter. Squicked me out but good. Still think she's cute though much to my chagrin.

    • I mean, you can't help who you find attractive, right? As long as you're not doing anything about it (incest)

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    • But like, do you remember what age it exactly was? Or relatively

    • Meh, late teens I believe, seventeen or sixteen.

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