Are people this stupid they stray away from the subject matter and attack grammar?

it only seems to happen when they are losing and have nothing to say?


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  • yes omg. i fully answered this chick once with real advice that she didn't agree with, so she decided to start talking about how there werent apostrophes in my conjunctions and that i was using abbreviations, so therefore my argument was invalid LMAO.

    • same!! i just finished talking to one as well. maybe its the same girl. lol yes! i told her i m a law professional and she did a grammar check to let me know i was lying!! wow!!! she should see how medical doctors write! they think this makes our points invalid its really hilarious and frustrating at the same time they are serious about it lmao

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    • lmao. i know young people... and young people of today. in my opinion alto more degenerate than kids from say the 80s or 90s... they use to respect elders and not glorify dumb things.

    • i agree. i always talk about how i hate living in 2015.

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  • Yes, yes they are.


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  • Oftentimes when one does not have a good counter argument/answer, they tend to draw attention to irrelevant things to annoy the asker and discredit their own opinion.


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