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A large convoy of ISIS terrorits were crossing the desert when from behind a hill they heard a Pershmerga soldier call to them,
"One Pershmerga is better than 10 ISIS savages"
the commander sends ten ISIS soldiers over the hill to fight and after 5 or so minutes the fighting stopped. A Pershmerga called over the hill and said,
"One Pershmerga is better than 100 subhuman ISIS freaks"
The commander, angered, sends 100 ISIS terrorists over the hill to fight the Pershmerga. After ten or so minutes of fighting the Pershmerga soldier calls over the hill again and says,
"One Pershmerga is better than 10,000 ISIS freak sacks"
The commander sends the 10,000 over the hill and after an hour or so of intense fighting one lone man comes stumbling over the hill. He falls at the generals feet and says,
"No, its a trap... there is two of the bastards"


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  • Hahaha that's a good one :-). There should be more jokes like this out there.


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