Cool people are so boring, No?

I mean, your typical "cool" people, guys and especially girls, those who are focused on style, fashion, "lifestyle", those who call themselves the "founder" of a most unoriginal blog that writers about all the most generic style or fashion or culture or design stuff, man, they as a group is just so boring, so cliche, they are so alike and so unremarkable, they are like the paper of a newspaper rather than the words, most of them are not unique, they are "cool" because they put on a hat that other cool people tell them is a cool hat to wear, sigh...


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  • Cool people are generally boring, but always have something to day about themselves. They usually do typical things like talk about this girl, or about their friends, or people they can't stand, and they play popular sports.

    I find that popular people might travel because they have a billion friends to travel with. Which is good I guess, because I dont get to do that. But really hey don't do anything really awesome and usually don't have any artistic nature. And hey usually like pop music which makes me angry.


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  • i'd call those people "fashion victims"... it's so sad actually... it means they've got no preference over themselves and they do wot those magazines tellin 'em :/

  • Everybody's boring now. Fixated on shite. The worlds full of health obsessed walking mannequins. I prefer the company of a bunch of drunks in the gutter. They're real people you can have a laugh and a good time with. Not a bunch of dumb, poker faced muppets who's conversation runs out before you settle in your seat

    • "health obsessed walking mannequins" <-- that is the best phrase i have read in a while.

      but it's true.

      one of the things I despise most in this world are guys and girls who are "cool" or good looking on the outside, but then when you get to talk to them for more than 10 minutes you realize, once again, this is yet another cool person who is all cool but absolutely no fun to hang around with.

      it's like, they are this really fancy dish of food with amazing presentation when it's served on your table, but then, when you eat it, it taste of nothing special and it doesn't fill your stomach at all.

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    • and the worst thing is, I think this current facebook and instagram generation has been brought up to think that appearance and superficial approval is all that matters.

      They don't care and are not really capable of building anything that is meaningful on the inside.

    • If your hearts full your satisfied. The only thing that matters in this world is people. If you think about it it's very true. A million mansions and all the money in the world don't matter as much as a strawberry in the grass without people. People are free and priceless. A man in the gutter with one true friend is richer than a billionaire with just aquaintances

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