As a black female which would be harder to break into Modeling (High fashion) or Acting?

I know both are hard but lets just say a girl wanted to be big in one of them, which would she have a better chance of being successful in? And when i day break i to i mean have the success that Gabrielle Union has or Angela Bassett in theacting industry and the Status of Naomi Campbell, Iman, Tyra Banks and , Jourdan dunn in the modeling industry. I hear a lot about how o ly a lucky 5% of models reach a celebrity status and the chances of acting are What?

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  • Modelling requires a very specific body type, tall and thin. High cheekbones etc. They don't take kindly to any deviation what so ever. Acting you have a greater leeway because looks vary and you can always improve your acting abilities, you can't improve your height or looks (barring makeup). So I would say acting would be easier though still incredibly difficult, most actors don't break out until their 30-40s if ever. Also a model has a shorter "shelf life" then an actor, you can act until your on your death bed, you can model only for as long as your looks hold out. Are you actually considering one of these as a career or is this purely hypothetical?


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  • Honestly, I'm not sure. I want to act and while modeling would be cool, I'm too short for it. I fear that I will have a harder time acting because of my skin color. That's my take. :/


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  • I think acting is easier. Since racism is not gone yet, people are more in favour of seeing white models (i'm not gonna lie, me too). But, there's always need for black actresses for black characters, they don't "paint" white people into black for acting, you know :D

    • Actually they do make white actors act people from different races. Like Jake Gyllenhaal as prince of PERSIA. Why?
      Well you can't make white people black, but they just don't hire black people then. Or few to be the "funny ones" or those who die first.

    • @SuklaaTryffeli you're right about that. They do change the character's ethnicity with actor choice.
      What i was trying to say is, they did paint white people in black back in the beginning of cinema. At least they don't do it anymore.

    • I get that. It would be ridiculous if they did that. But currently they hire black people only if the role demands it or if they want to appear anti-racist. Like: " Look, we have 1 Asian and 1 black person in our 150 person cast. We can't be racist"

  • I think it'd be about the same. Modeling you'd have to have a certain body. Acting is less critical about looks but the competition is fierce

  • both r hard wether u r black or white if u wanna make it big.

    but i'd vote modelin... i've heard models actually live for others technically ;)

  • Probably acting, most movies I've seen only have like 1 or 2 main characters who are black. The media is pretty racist with a main character who is black.


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