Will I run into him again?

Around summer of last year I ran into this guy. I wanted to get to know him. Thing was he was working (He is a city bus driver). So I didn't get a chance to have longer conversations with him. And at the time I went on a month vacation. And the last time I ran into him was a month after I got back from my vacation. Then I ended up moving. I haven't seen him in a while. But I keep having this feeling he is going to show up. He always asked me how I was doing, and would always help me and so on. My question is will I run into him again or meet him again any time soon? And if I do should I have a conversation with him and try and get his name and number?


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  • contact the company and tell them you want sex

    • I'm not looking for sex. I wanted to get to know him. There is a big difference

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    • Here is my answer to that. Have you ever heard of being friends with someone and getting to know someone. Then dating them, then getting married without having sex until after being married to that person. Obviously your still young.

    • goddamn it penis

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