Can I increase image resolution without losing quality?

I have used several softwares before, such as Photoshop, to try to turn several low-resolution images into high-resolution ones, while preventing blurs. For instance, I tried to turn a 85*200 image into a 850*2000 image, but seems it does not work as blurs exist when I open them.

Can I do this job with softwares like Photoshop?


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  • You cannot increase the quality of a low resolution image because the information needed simply isn't there. The only time this is possible is when you're dealing with an image that contains the information in the file but is outputting a lower resolution than is possible. You have to set that up ahead of time with the camera you use so generally you know if that's possible. It's very uncommon in everyday usage.

    Otherwise, when you bump up resolution on an image, you're just taking information contained on one pixel and spreading it out over two or more pixels. You don't show more detail.

    • ^ Pretty much this. And dang! -- how did you manage to nab that name? xD Hahaha.

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  • It is not possible to increase the resolution of a bitmap image such as. jpeg, . bmp, or. gif.

    The only way you can increase the resolution without losing the quality is if you created it in vector format in a program such as PhotoShop, Illustrator, or Flash.