How do I stop turning into my mum?

Lately I've noticed I'm turning into my mum and I hate it. There are so many things she does that I don't agree with that I've started doing now too. What can I do to prevent myself turning into her?

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  • Why don't you want to be like her?

    • She's the definition of crazy. She's manipulative, controlling, obsessive, she exaggerates everything, she hates my dad talking to other women (even our aunties) and she tries to force religion down everyone's throat (I'm not against religion, the way she does it just isn't normal). There are a lot of other things too.

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    • Booyah! Thanks

    • No problem 😊

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  • There is the nature vs nurture argument, one side says that your genes control who you are and what you will become but the other argument says that your environment will define you as a person. Intelligent people would say that it is a 50 50 split. Now you will have some parts of your mother that you will always have to deal with and the other 50% has to do with your up bringing influencing you, you have the ability to have control over yourself as a person and how you determine how your past is going to influence you. People do have the ability to change certain aspects of themselves and like alcoholics the first step is realizing that you have a problem the fact that you see yourself becoming like your mother is the first step to changing who you do not want to become.

    • Yeah, I know it's 50/50. I just don't know what To do now that I've admitted what's happening.

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    • Ok thanks 😊

    • Thanks, both your opinions helped :)

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