How to anonymously ask a question?

So yeah. I'm basically still a noob in this Website. Any help?


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  • I know who you are.

    • What the hell? Who am i lol? I'm not even famous.

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    • Lol Sounds like Dragon ball! I'll show you my true power! :O well it's too bad you won't send me a private message to prove to me that you really did know me. I won't lie anyway.

    • No need to prove anything. Take care.

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  • When you are writing your question, you will get a few options like
    1. which topic you want to post it to
    2. should you allow both genders or not
    3. AND you will see an option of asking anonymously - just click that :)


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  • There is a clickable box next to preview question, "ask this anonymously"

    But what I don't understand why would people ask questions anonymously. It's just a question.. no one's gonna beat you up online. And most people who ask / say things anonymously mostly say something rude. That's rather hypocritic, just shows you don't have enough balls to say it without wearing a mask.

    • You are right! I'll follow my own way as a GAG'er and never ever post anonymously again.

  • Joker you just have

    • I'm not joker. Isn't that the villain's name in Batman?

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