If a persons profile gets higher on the 'people you may know' list and than goes down again, does that mean s/he had checked out my fb profile?

There's this guy who's profile always appears very low on the list, i really need to scroll down if i want to see his profile. Once in a while (ex common friend liked my picture so he could hve been seen that) his profile gets higher in the list and the day after that his profile again goes down on the list.

does that mean anything? as in visiting my profile?


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  • Yes i believe it does mean that. it moves him to the top because you postee friend of friends and the post was showed to him so facebook asymes you know him and puts him on top.

    • The post was shown to him But the point here is, did he click on my name so he visiteebmy profile? So i assume the answer is yes?

    • *visited

    • I would assume as their is no other way he would be destinquished from others in people you may know

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