Which people were screwed over in history the worst?

So various racial or cultural/religious groups of people have had it pretty bad in recent history.

So lets give ourselves about 300 years of history and vote on who got it the worst.

If you think of anyone not on the list just add in the comments below and feel free to comment on why you voted how you did.

  • Red Indians
    Vote A
  • Africans brought to America to be slaves.
    Vote B
  • Hitler's Jews
    Vote C
  • Modern day refugees from the middle east fleeing isis etc
    Vote D
  • Australian Aborigines
    Vote E
  • Other
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  • Honestly just any general group that involves POC. They all basically eventually got raped and pillaged.
    I'm going to say balk people in general (I'm a little biased because I am black) because it's lasted so long. Africa still faces a whole bunch of cray stuff even today and their civil rights is pretty young, so from all the way to imperialism to now they've been manipulated.
    And then here in the US the time line is pretty long. If you take it all the way from the American slave trade to the civil rights movement in the 1960's then that's an really log time too.
    But I also feel very close to native Americans because they're people have basically been pushed to extinction and their lively good now is still pretty shitty.
    And then the Jews I also identify with a lot. Israel is still messed up even. Today and with the killing of approximately 6 million that's pretty messed up.

    • Let's just say everyone's fucked.

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    • Just a little fyi, native americans were also slaves. They were actually the first slaves in the u. s. and for hundreds of years before blacks were brought here. They were still slaves when blacks were brought here and all through the civil war. They were also raped, pillaged and murdered. Their land was swept right out from under them. They fought during the civil war on both sides, because they thought their freedom would be given and their land returned.

    • @crystalt70 already knew that in fact one reason they switched to more African slaves was due to the low population of native Americans and the fact that they didn't have the physical ability to do the work they wanted. That's one of the reasons I biefly mentioned them above.
      Like I said all people of color eventually got fucked over.

  • i can't say because i haven't read enough about all of these. if someone could enlighten me on the situation with the Africans that's b good.

    i did however read a lot about the holocaust and that is drilled into my mind as a terrible, horrific time. i chose that.

    i also know about our aboriginal people here in australia. terrible history and ruthless laws.

  • All of them because suffering isn't a contest.

  • Red Indians in north america and south america and the Jews got screwed the most. They were basically wiped out almost.

    Those are the 2 I know more about from history.

  • *Clicks "Other"* All of the above, and then some.

  • I think it's the native Americans/First Nations/aboriginals, on the continents of north and South America. (I don't know if they're continents)


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  • Try Jews in general!
    They were tortured and enslaved by black Egyptians
    Persecuted for hundreds of years in Europe
    And were victims of one other greatest atrocities ever, The Holocaust

    • Yeah, they got it pretty bad.

  • Native Americans. Others were taken from their homes or driven away by strife, but the native American way of life was utterly destroyed in their homeland with nowhere to go.

  • It was between Native Americans and Native Australians. Their race was almost wiped out.

  • Turkey helping for Arabs

  • Black Africans in the southern US they were lynched and raped and generally harassed by the whites even though slavery ended and they had suffered through all the years of slavery

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