Is a zygote the first step in the life cycle of every sexually reproducing organism?

I keep hearing from embryologists, medical doctors, and biologists that a zygote is the initial stage of life for a sexually reproductive organism. What do you guys think?

  • Zygote is the initial stage of life.
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  • Life begins after birth. (Please explain what birth is for non-gestating organisms)
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  • my ID card mentions as my DOB da day my mom gave me birth... so i'd go wid "B"... otherwise i guess DOB would be da day we were zygotes LOL


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  • The zygote is when an egg meets a sperm. Life does begin after birth, but also before it. There are specific criteria for what defines a living organism, and a zygote is the earliest form that can be defined as a living organism.

  • gametes are