Is it a good or bad idea to get a couple tattoo even if it does look like a couple tattoo or have anyones name in it?

It's supposed to say does not have the name and does not look like a couple tattoo


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  • Bad idea!! Never put names. You can't erase them easily. I loath tattoos anyway.

    • I'm not getting the name what I'm saying is u want even know its a couple tattoo except I will

    • Tattoos spoil anyone's natural beauty. They look OK when you're young, but later in life they fade, and as your shape changes, they look awful. I don't like them!!

  • yup. worst idea ever. you should probably save up for the removal befor you even have the tattoo xD


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  • no it isn't a good idea... you never know how you two will end up and it will be a constant reminder

    • If you want a couple tattoo you are better off getting one with a sibling, parent, etc

    • Well what about one with your kids names on it

    • That's different... one doesn't break up with their children.