Is it bad that I'm kinda dumb?

I feel like that dumb girl that always used to play a small role in television shows.
I see things that other people hav done and I feel dumb.
Why can't I use words like that or, why can't I draw like that?
I just want to be intelligent.


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  • If you tell a fish to climb a tree and show it how a monkey does, that fish will think it's stupid and forget that it can swim but the monkey can't.

    You need to focus on what you can do, build up your own strengths. Not what other people can do.


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  • I'd prefer you to have a kind heart, be thoughtful and considerate. Be patient and loving. Be sincere and be true to what you believe in.

    I don't care if you aren't too intelligent, as you would have the loveliest personality a guy could ever want. You would be terrific!!

  • Noooo
    You definitely have a talent and yep every one is intelligent so don't worry but but common sense is more important than intelligence in my opinion 😊

  • no guy gives a fuck whether you're smart or not.

  • Is the pope a Catholic?

    • Yes.. so does that mean it is bad?

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    • Yeah I know, and thats the real problem I have with being dumb.. I'm not rich or good looking.. or the best cook. I'm done for.

    • Don't worry, you're the majority.

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  • Why do you think you're dumb?

    If you want to draw, then practice. If you want to have a great vocabulary then study and read.

  • Don't compare yourself to other people. You aren't dumb :/ just because someone has a talent or understands an equation as quick as a whip and you haven't, doesn't make you any less intelligent.

  • read more books or educate yourself further?

    • I've actually read a lot of books and attempted to improve my vocabulary. But I don't read textbooks for fun. I've always loved learn but have issues with retaining some of the information.

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