If this question's too much for you to bare, I'll understand lol. What do you all think about this dating cycle?

This is the current dating cycle in my own opinion...

1. The Super attractive woman. The super attractive woman can just about get any guy she wants. Her condfidence has never been put on the line, because she's been coddled all her life by just about everyone, so its very easy for her to date and marry. She's also the pickiest simply because how many guys are willing to sell their family to ISIS for a chance with her and that has boosted her ego to astronomical levels. She also has 100% control of when sex is going to happen in a relationship.

2. The super attractive guy. The super attractive guy only needs looks to get average looking to below average looking females. He needs money in addtion to looks to get the super attractive woman. A lot of (but not all) super attractive men will lower standards for sex with average to below average looking females simply because its easy and its also tides them over (if the super attractive guy is a player) until the super attractive woman, who will have them jumping through hoops, come around.

3. The average to below average looking woman. The average to below average looking female might not be able to get a super attractive guy, but at least she can develop a friends with benefits with a super attractive guy unlike her male counterpart and a lot of them are tottally fine with this type of situation. Therefore, she won't have to settle for her male counterpart because why would she settle for that when she can have a friends with benefits with a better looking guy? It might not be much, but at least its something.

4. The average to below average looking guy. The most wretched in the dating game, unless he has money or is super lucky, he' basically fucked. His female counterparts will 9 times out of 10 only date him as a last resort. Most don't understand or purposely don't understand his struggles in the dating game and out of the four, he has to have the thickest skin , and he's also the one who has to be abnormally optimistic especially towards those who know that they would be fucked too if they were in their boat. What women fail to understand about them is that these guys can't even get a girlfriend, nor do they at leat have the better than nothing option of developing a friends with benefits relationship like the average to below average looking female does.

I guess this question was too much for the majority of gag lol.


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  • That is true. Super attractive women always get the guys but not the other way around. It's not really fare actually.


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  • 1 and 2 are legit
    but 3 and 4 (especially 3) are wrong

    • And how are they wrong?

  • I guess you're number 4 to be making these media influenced statements? Go and watch Simple Pickup on Youtube... they destroy these myths

    • That shit could be staged. But let's say its not. Most people aren't going to date someone that they can't bare to look at, that they can't picture themselves intimate with. If a woman had the right personality, but was really really unattractive would you still date her? I think not. And those guys picking up the women for some odd reason there's never a follow up video and besides most people aren't going to just harshly reject someone when a camera is on them either.

    • nice girls really don't care about looks bro... those videos even prove it... the people don't even realise they're being filmed... they get rejected loads too...