Having a near death experience, did it change you?

If you, fellows, feel like sharing it... Or just have nothing else to do, but read some random stories.

When I was 4 y. o. I saw a man jumping into the water from the bridge. He did it to swim, the bridge wasn't high. I was very impressed. Of course I didn't know how to swim and haven't even tried it yet. But the water was so tempting. So when parents weren't looking I ran to the bridge and before anyone could stop me jumped from it too. I got under the water and wasn't even trying to get out. Everything seemed to be very calm. That feeling of calmness is the last thing I remember. Parents told me that some man found me underwater and brought to the coast. I wasn't hurt, coughed out all the water from my lungs and just seemed to be in shock.

That's how people usually get fears and phobias, right? Well, not in my case. I grew up obsessed with water and swimming. And with getting into different situations to test myself. Like swimming back and forth through the fast flowing river, swimming in a storm, jumping into the water from different highs etc. Once when I was a teenager I jumped off a cliff into the sea, knowing that I wouldn't be able to climb back and it'll take lot of time to swim to the nearest coast. Well, it took me 2 and a half hours to finally get to the place where I could get out of the water.

With age I finally realized how stupid my actions were. I was putting myself into danger every time and got extremelly lucky to get just a few scratches from my worst try.

In my case it wasn't that near death experience that people usually think of. No lights or tunels. I'm not sure if it changed me or not... Maybe it was the reason for my water obsession or maybe I had it from the very beginning.

Have you ever had anything like that? Do you think it changed you?


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  • takes the cake though since "I almost got struck by a fucking lighting bolt -_-". But luckily it hit the street pole right next to me. And for the first time in my life, I was truly traumatized about something to the point where everytime it rained back then I thought I was going to be struck down. Heck, it felt as if the thunder god himself #Zeus was trying to strike my black ass down for being a non-believer ^_^ CTFU.

    I've never been so scared in my life and the noise that came with the thunderbolt was so loud coupled with the fact that the ground shook so vigorously caused me to go into shock almost immediately "it all happened so fast".. I felt it building up in the clouds by the way so I knew it was coming "but I never expected it to strike next to me".

    But man if you would have been there that day/moment you'd be scared shitless too since "it was sunny all day long at 102F, muggy and windy" but all of that changed very fucking quickly. Since it started to rain, while I was finishing up the last couple of lawns that we were doing.

    So while I'm running back and forward to load the equipment (the wind was crazy 70 mph+ man) it was to the point where I could barely stand... but that's where it got surreal "the surrounding area was light up for about 3 secs in a row+ I heard the thunder building + hail and out of no where "BOOM" body froze up, head hurting, eyes hurted even though I wasn't looking at the pole when it was struck, heart skipped a beat and the ground shook so hard i1127.photobucket.com/.../ezgif.com-add-text.gif

    Overall it was just 1 a messed up experience. But I can say 1 thing "I respect mother nature even more now" she ain't #no joke.

    • It changed me a lot back then but after a while I quit caring and went back to normal while walking outside in the rain.

    • Wow, this sounds really impressive! How long ago did it happen?

    • I'm 21 now it happened when I was like 14

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  • I have two.

    1st. My sister and I was playing in a park, at some point she had
    somehow managed to fall in the water.

    Back then we were young, none of us could swim, but I got
    in after her anyway.. How could I not? Some people later found
    us, drenched to the bone, a little further down the road.

    2nd. This is long after the 1st, but I and some friends were
    playing/hanging out at our usual practice spot, one of my friends
    managed to lose her footing while practicing, I only just managed
    to get a hold of her, but instead we both fell.

    I hit some beams on the way down, and blacked out
    I woke up in a hospital, apparently I'd been down for real
    and had been resuscitated. (My friend is fine)

    Like you, I don't know if it changed me, or I were always
    like that, but I seek the thrill of my adrenaline raging through me now. ^.^

    • That's very noble of you to get there after your sister, even thought you could have been hurt too. Others could, I think, ran away for some help. Anyway, it's great that you both made it through. And that you're still okay after the second incident :)

  • Yes, my experience changed my life i was about age 10, 11
    my mom took me with her friend and friends kids to Mingo Creek Park
    well i placed this inner tube and used it has a life jacket well that
    is the worst thing anyone can do.. That inner tube took me under
    the water brought me back up then back under again no one saw it
    i have no proof only me and God knows what happened that day
    well once i got out of the water i threw the inner tube a good distance
    and from that day never learned to swim and never made the same
    mistake over again yes it was a near drowning experience sure i was
    a youngster but i was old enough to know that i was going to die
    so yes i do know what you went through yes it's never easy ,

  • When I was around 14 years of age, I received an injection from a doctor that caused me to, well, die.

    I saw lights and colors so bright and beautiful that you could feel them, touch them almost. It was beautiful...

    Then I was in total darkness. But not a bad darkness, it was wonderful, it was like as if my soul was dry, hard bread, but it was soaked in the purest form of the word "Love". It was warm, healing, wonderful.

    I felt myself going back, going back to the abuse I was suffering and had been suffering as a child, all my life, and I did not want to leave. But I felt God telling me I had to go back. I came back with a deep heartfelt knowledge that the Bible was real and true, and with discernment.

    • Did it change your life?

    • It did, yes. There was a period where I was heavily demonized, and tormented, I had no hope but what had happened to me, a small hope that maybe God still loved me. It was like an anchor, a lifeline to my soul, it helped me work through it. God has been delivering me every day.

  • It made me way more careful
    You'd be surprised how fast bone crack..

    • Yeah, I can imagine...

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    • Unless you're young and stupid enough to think that you're invulnerable. (that's about me)

    • "You can't go there!"
      'You can't tell me what to do!'

      *skates into mine field*

  • I had alost dried car crash


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