Questions with phimosis?

For those of you that dont know this, dont answer please.

So I can pull skin back all off when flaccid but not when fully errect. It gets too tight, I've desided on rigged band streching exersise doe. But Id like to know if sex with phimosis would hurt? I can normally mastrubate and it doesn't hurt. My only problem is its too tight when fully errect.


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  • Those stretching exercises won't work.

    Go get circumsized (I did) for the exact same reason as you.. My foreskin was wayyyy to tight

    But for 6 weeks they gave me steriod cream to put around the foreskin to loosen it up to see if that helps.

    Go see a doctor dude.

    Circumsion doesn't hurt it just feels like an eleastic band around your dick

    • Did that work? steroid cream? and I dont think mine is that bad, I hardly had trouble when she was wet. But I had condom on

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    • Did it hurt after that day?

    • For about a week everytime It rubbed on clothes yes

  • What's an exercise doe?

    How will a female deer help you with your tight foreskin problems?

    • no its shutting the fuck up