Anyone ever play Legacy of Kain video games on here?

What do you think of them


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  • Dude!!! throw back!!!
    i think i had blood omen or something like that for ps2 i hardly remember it to be honest, at that age i would just watch my bros play games


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  • I've only played the first Soul Reaver on PS1. I thought it was the bomb digiddy! It was like, What! A secret passage way! No way! And then it's like, How the freak do I beat this boss!(for like 2 hours) Then you find a lever that was right in your face the whole time. I especially liked the big ole compilation of puzzles at the end of the game, although I've heard rumors that the game was never finished and that they just released it half-assed.

    • There are more soul reaver games but yeah I played the one on ps1 on an emulator but the rom was dirty and never got to finish it.

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